Discover the World of Tidal Force VR: Following extensive testing and meticulous calibration, Tidal Force VR made its debut in 2020, unveiling its unique VR experience. This specialized virtual reality arcade, nestled in the heart of NYC, is dedicated to delivering unparalleled multiplayer VR adventures. Setting itself apart by crafting bespoke games and rooms, Tidal Force VR ensures an exclusive gaming encounter found nowhere else. Meet Jerome, the owner, whose passion for science, problem-solving, and games makes him the driving force behind this exceptional VR multiplayer experience.

Welcome to the Museum of Future Experiences, fondly known as MoFE, an entertainment destination that invites you to embark on immersive storytelling adventures blending virtual reality with cutting-edge ambisonic sound design. Our state-of-the-art VR equipment not only provides a fresh perspective but also broadens your consciousness. At MoFE, every show is designed to stretch your imagination, delve into novel concepts, and challenge your perception through the use of original 3D soundscapes within the realm of virtual reality. With our advanced ambisonic system, prepare for a truly lifelike experience as you hear in a complete 360-degree sphere.

Introducing NYC’s inaugural live game show encounter infused with interactive VR technology. Game of 1000 Boxes represents a novel social gaming experience within the city—a captivating live game show that unfolds with audio-visual excitement, promising a one-of-a-kind adventure. Join forces with your spirited friends and family for real-life, high-energy party games and interactive amusement that challenges your button-pushing finesse, collective intelligence, and instinctual prowess. Get ready for an unforgettable blend of fun and competition in the heart of New York City.

Embark on an unparalleled adventure at Escape Virtuality, New York’s premier entertainment complex, offering both exhilarating VR experiences and immersive Escape Rooms. Our enhanced VR platforms catapult you into the most realistic games, from gripping high-speed drives to jungle exploration. Meanwhile, our Escape Rooms challenge your quick thinking under pressure, whether facing a subway disaster, spectral beings on the loose, or galactic destruction. Step beyond mere headsets into an entirely new realm of virtual wonder, where excitement and challenge converge for an unforgettable experience in the heart of NYC.

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