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At Pulse NYC, we are your go-to source for the latest and most exciting developments in the ever-evolving world of technology right here in the heart of New York City since 2012. In the past, we’ve organized over 100 networking events in NYC attended by over 30,000 professionals.

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Our team of tech enthusiasts is committed to delivering compelling tech stories unfolding in NYC. From groundbreaking startups to the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and beyond, we curate news that matters to tech aficionados, professionals, and anyone with a curiosity about the transformative power of technology.



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Never miss out on the exciting tech events happening in NYC right now. Our Events section is your one-stop destination for information on meetups, conferences, and gatherings that bring together the brightest minds in the industry. Stay informed about networking opportunities, workshops, and discussions that could shape the future of tech in NYC.



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Whether you’re a tech insider, an aspiring entrepreneur, or simply someone fascinated by the incredible pace of technological progress, Pulse NYC is your key to unlocking the future. Explore, connect, and stay ahead of the curve with our Tech News & Events section as we embark on a journey to showcase the limitless potential of technology in the city that never sleeps.

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